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A new digital rupture is on-going. The ageing of the population will be the major demographic phenomenon of the next 20 years in France, with a direct impact on the relationships within families and on the equity between generations and lifestyles.

In France 5 million people are aged 75 and over. This number will double in the next thirty years.

The fast growing number of people of this population and their high revenues will turn upside down many business areas. 65% of the people aged 75 and over are already living in a situation of loneliness, i.e.: no activities, no relationship, no social life, and no contact with family or friends.

Rebuilding the social link for aged people becomes urgent but there are not many solutions on the market. IT and, more specifically, social networks are not adapted to this population.

Ozages aims to reduce this digital rupture by creating a social network adapted to aged people.

ozages solution intergenerational

Ozages recreates a link between aged people and their families & friends. Our solution provides a new way to communicate and share information & emotions in a fun and adapted social network.

ozages web solution 2.0

Functional and independent
Ozages is not only looking at adapting it tools or web environment to seniors. We are providing an efficient solution with no known reference, in order not to stigmatize the lack of knowledge, aged people being afraid of “technology”.

ozages solution tactile

Ergonomic and adapted.
Ozages brings new usages and new services in a dedicated environment. Ozages focuses on accessibility with multiple easily identifiable universes and a tactile navigation.

ozages service messages

Messages sent by the family can be easily read and answered in a very simple manner by the senior.

ozages album photo

The users will be able to easily browse or file pictures sent by family or friends.

ozages games for seniors

Organizer and games
An agenda with memo and reminder functionalities will be available as well as an universe with specific games: fun games or cognitive training.

ozages social network

A new ecosystem
Those information and the details of the business model are currently restricted to investors.

Ozages dedicated services

Dedicated services
Those information and the details of the business model are currently restricted to investors.

ozages interactivity

A transversal interactivity
Those information and the details of the business model are currently restricted to investors.


Ozages SAS was founded by two professionals having complementary profiles:

a former global account manager at IBM/Lenovo and a former transversal project coordinator at Alice/Telecom Italia.

The two associates have met in a major French business school while performing their MBA.

Each founder cumulates more than 10 years of professional experience in an IT environment.

The company is currently hosted in the school incubator.


The prototype is currently in private beta-test HERE

Ozages is supported by an advisory board of high level experts.
The members of the advisory board cover the following domains :

ozages advisory board
- Marketing & communication
- Infrastructures & IT platforms.
- Web developments and databases.
- Web culture, web marketing, innovation and mobility.
- Entrepreneurship and growth management.
- Project management, business strategy and finance.

The members of the advisory board are not associates of the company, do not own shares (directly or indirectly) and are not employed by Ozages.

Convinced by the project and its potentiality, they participate in the its growth by bringing their experience and knowledge.